Congratulations on taking the first step to stocking Tarot & Oracle Journals
in your store! It is fun and exciting to share with your customers what Tarot &
Oracle Journals are and how they can help them study and learn tarot faster and
easier. Using these beautiful and custom designed journals in tandem with any
tarot or oracle card decks, will awaken card fans to deeper states of awareness; by
allowing them to see and experience how tarot & oralces pertain to their actual
daily and yearly lives. Visit the FAQs section & learn more about how this is

* 100's of fun fill-in Card Stickers included inside every journal.

* High Quality Journals (Hard Covers, gold or green foil, thicker pages

* Excellent for use with in store tarot classes. Please e-mail me at and
ask for free samples of Tarot Journal and/or
Daily Spread for your tarot teachers
to explore and consider for use at "text"
workbooks for their tarot students.

* Custom Designed for enhanced learning of tarot through engaging
visual and tactile learning modals.

* Anyone who has journaled tarot card readings and then uses a tarot
Journal or Daily Spread Journals to record their card readings get
very excited and love working with them.

* The only journals to include Card Stickers and enhance learning tarot
through practical application.

Help your tarot customers learn tarot more easily by connecting your
tarot teachers with the ideal tarot text workbooks for their classes.

* * Recommend Tarot Journal as the ultimate solution for recording larger style card
readings, like the Celtic Cross, and for the more advanced tarot students who perform larger
card readings.

* * Recommend
Daily Spread as the perfect journal for daily card studies, mediations and
beginner tarot student text workbooks.
The Ideal Way to Record Tarot & Oracle Card Readings
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