Getting started is very easy. Here's a list of what you will
need to work inside your Tarot & Oracle Journals
1. You
2. Any deck of Tarot
Cards or Oracle cards
If you are new to tarot try a tarot book and deck set to use
with your journals.
The book that comes with your Tarot deck, will give
you the interpretations for the cards and a few card layouts to try. You
could also choose to take Cyndy Green's Online Tarot Course, which I
recommend. Another option is using any "Learn Tarot Book" and any
deck of Tarot cards. I like Mark McElroy's book titled "What's in the
Cards For you". You can apply his card questioning system to any deck
of cards and if you want a good tarot companion book with a variety of
card layouts try "Tarot - Get the Whole Story Use, Create & Interpret
Tarot Spreads" by James Ricklef . This book would be more aptly
named, Tarot Layouts for almost any Question.
4. Preferably a quiet
space where you can
explore the cards and
study uninterrupted.
3. A pen or pencil
5. And . . . off you go . . .
but wait! . . .Visual learners
check out "how to" pictures!!!
Author Josephine Ellershaw
Artist Ciro Marchetti
The Ideal Way to Record Tarot & Oracle Card Readings