1) Practical Application Workbook for tarot students

2) Ultimate recreational tarot & oracle journals

3) Use with any deck of Tarot Cards

4) Use with any deck of Oracle Cards

5) Use any tarot or oracle card layout

6) Use Daily Spread to record RUNE readings

7) Use to record free Tarot and Oracles readings at iFate.com

8) Use with any Online Tarot Class
(ask your tarot instructor to e-mail AriStoneArt@Yahoo.com to get
free copies of either journal for use with his or her tarot class, in
exchange for student and instructor reviews.)

9) Record any practice reading you do from any "how to"Tarot Book.

10) Share readings with friends
(use a front and back of one sheet)

11) Take to professional readings and go home with a hard copy of
your reading! Never forget again what your reading was about!

12) Make your own hard copy of an online card reading

13) A personal diary of your card readings as they relate to your life.

14) Gift for anyone you know who is aTarot or Oracle card fan!!!

15) Tool for self enlightenment and self-empowerment via reflection

16) Use in any creative way you feel lead. Enjoy!
There are many fabulous ways Tarot & Oracle Journal can be
used!!! These are just some that I have thought of. What ideas do
you have for your Journals?
The Ideal Way to Record Tarot & Oracle Card Readings