"What a fantastic concept! Ideal for use with any tarot of oracle deck, the Tarot
Journal offers one place to keep readings in an organized manner. The journal
comes with blank stickers to record the cards and placement in a layout. The
opposite page contains sections for Questions, Notes, and Occurrences/Later
Happenings, and blank space for date, time, spread, and deck. All this is presented
in a 9-by-12-inch hardcover journal that can accommodate 22 separate layout
entries. A perfect companion to suggest with any deck sale!"
Review By:
Angela Wehnert

New Age Retailer
Spring 2008 pg112
"Packages in the mail are wondrous sources of joy. I opened one the other day to find a top of the line Tarot
Journal – a quality product, at an economical price ($18.95), that clearly showed that the author/artist was not
only a skilled artisan, but had put great thought into the “mechanics” of her work.

The Journal, at 9” by 12”, is fairly large. The good news is that it is spiral bound, so that it will lie flat. The
front and back covers are hard cover, in solid black, with the name of the journal in gold foil on the front cover,
as well as a gold foil circle surrounding a very “other-worldly” night sky scene.

I was so entranced by this scene that I contacted Montalbano to see what was behind the artwork on the
cover. It turns out that it is a genre that she has created, termed Galactic C.H.I. (Celestial Healing Infusion)
Art. Montalbano uses images taken from the Hubble Telescope as inspiration for her art. The circular start
in the upper right hand corner is one of the later phases of the “birth of a star”. The reddish colored cluster in
the lower left hand side of the picture is a “star birthing cloud cluster”. The design around the background of
the image is a labyrinth to meditate by.

The inside pages are heavier than standard weight; with a matte finish (so that a jelly role pen can be used and
not have smear issues, or work left handed and not have smear issues). There are 22 blank layout spreads (two
pages each – one for the spread itself, and one for notes), and 256 blank card stickers. (These are so cool!
You write in the name of the card drawn, the position number and definition, and fill in the circle at the bottom if
the card is reversed.)

The page facing the Layout Space includes space to fill in the question asked, personal notes about the
reading, occurrences/later happenings, the date, the name of the Seeker, the name of the Reader, the time and
location of the reading, the spread type, and the deck used.

In the front of the journal is an information page explaining how to use the Tarot Journal, how to use the
stickers, and how to put it all together. There is also a page to write in the date the journal was begun, the date
that it ended, and who the journal belongs to. The imagery for the Layout Spreads contains the Andromeda
Galaxy in the background, with the card stickers showing a spiral galaxy.

This journal is elegance personified – thoughtful and playful at the same time. It can be seen at
www.TarotJournals.com The Tarot Journal can be purchased through www.amazon.com, with wholesale
purchases available through www.NewLeaf-Dist.com

Copyright April 2008
Tarot Journal

review by Bonnie Cehovet, TE
for Aeclectic Tarot http://www.aeclectic.net
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Author: Alyssa Montalbano
Artist: Ari Stone (Alyssa Montalbano)
Ari Stone Art Productions
ISBN #978-1-4243-4080-4
The Ideal Way to Record Tarot & Oracle Card Readings