Links Ari Likes

There are some fantastic artists I recommend seeing their work,
amidst spiritual networking, information links and more below.
This section will grow as I learn and discover new people and

Local Friends Networking
Twin Flame love and self love courses with Sage Taylor
About 2012, ETs, Galactic intervention and Inner Earth with
Sheldan Nidle
Bio-Mats, Orgone, crystals, gems & LOTS MORE with
Janet Jasper

Tarot Classes
An excellent online Tarot class. Offered periodically
throughout each year. Her method makes learning Tarot very
easy. I have been using Tarot Cards for years and I just finished
taking Cyndy's online course and now I am finally starting to
read the cards without having to look up each card every time!
She is warm, encouraging and friendly. Please visit her site for an
excellent course in learning the cards.

Art created by yours truly (myself).
Beautiful magical creatures and stunning use of colors
Incredible artist and Tarot deck artist.

MANY, many links to spiritual businesses

Matrix - Zero Point Field - Physics Learn to perform miracles tapping
into the Zero Point Field with Dr. Richard Bartlett Tapping into the Zero Point
field (love) and being 'cleaned' while you view the site.
The Ideal Way to Record Tarot & Oracle Card Readings