I have studied and trained with Jeremy Whelan a brilliant (genius) acting
teacher and front runner of teaching whole brain learning styles all over
the world, as it relates to acting. It was from many years of study and
hands on acting training with Jeremy and working closely with him while
also illustrating and designing the gestalt of his work; in the book titled
Mosaic Acting System; that I became aware of how to fully incorporate
the whole brain learning styles into any form of study in order to speed
learning, while being fun and enjoyable.

The "Card Stickers" are a key factor in including the "Tactile" senses
while studying Tarot. You will be strongly engaging your "Tactile"
learning style by peeling and placing "Card Stickers" to match your
'actual' Tarot card readings. Your "Visual" learning style motor skills
engage as you "see" a mini replica of your original card reading and 'see'
your 'actual' Tarot cards. Your "Audile" motor skill, come into play as you
write in your journal and perhaps speak what your reading means to you or
the person you are reading for. Using your whole brain is the fasted and
easiest way to learn anything. When you try the Tarot Journals you will
understand how this makes such a huge difference in enhancing your
Tarot learning experience.
How do I use my Tarot Journal?

It is very easy and fun. Visit Using Your Journals link or click the image to your
right to see picture instructions.

How do I use my Daily Spread Journal?

In the same way you use the Tarot Journal. See the Card Stickers link for slight
differences in Card Stickers. Daily Spread and Tarot Journal differ in use.
Tarot Journal is for larger card readings of 6 - 22 cards per reading layout and
Daily Spread Journal is for smaller and daily card meditations of 1-5 cards per
reading layout.

Do you have a package deal of Journals with tarot cards and a class?

Not at this time. Be creative and explore the tarot or inspirational oracle cards,
there are a lot of wonderful products created by wonderful people and a lot of
excellent books on how to read tarot cards, as well as lots of great tarot classes
offered online. I recommend Cyndy Green's online tarot classes.
FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What are "Card Stickers"?

"Card Stickers" are fill-in-the-blank stickers designed like
actual cards! See what your former card readings looked
like, any time you open your journal!
What tarot card decks can I use with my "Card Stickers"?

You can use ANY of the hundreds of Tarot Card decks on the market
today! The Card Stickers are Fill-in-the-Blank, so they are compatible
with any Tarot Card Deck!
What is an Oracle?

Oracles Cards are inspirational
card decks that are not Tarot cards
or are alternate sources than cards
that can reveal energetic information
surrounding situations.

To your right is a list of only a few
oracles, of hundreds, on the market
today. Oracles are fun and
inspirational to use. Try mixing an
oracle card with your Tarot
Reading. For example do a Celtic
Cross Spread with your Tarot
Cards and then ask what Angel is
helping you in this situation and pull
a card from your Angel Card
Oracle Deck. Peel and place a
"Card Sticker" for each card in your
Layout Space.

You may also explore using your
card stickers with the runes. Instead
of writing a 'position description' in
the box on the 'Card Sticker' just
draw the rune symbol there.
Are the Journals only for tarot card readings?

No. They can also be used with any Oracle Card deck too!
Some Oracle Card Decks Are:

The Angel Cards by Doreen Virtue
Messages from Your Angels by Doreen Virtue
Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson
Universal Card by Juliet Jaffray Hubbs & Nora Monaco
The Four Agreements a 48-card deck by Don Miguel Ruiz
Soul Cards by Deborah Koff - Chapin

Some Oracles that are not card decks are:

What is "Whole Brain Learning" & how do Tarot & Oracle Journals incorporate this?

Whole Brain Learning is about the different learning styles people prefer in order to learn things.
There are 3 major learning modals - Visual - Tactile - Audile - An audile learner prefers to "hear",
"speak" and "write" in order to learn. A tactile person enjoys hands on practice and "doing" things in 3D
space. While a Visual learner prefers to "see" and "draw" things in order to learn. We all use each of
these motor skills and tend to prefer 1 or 2 over the others. I am predominantly a tactile and visual
learner. This is why I created the Tarot Journals. I wanted to be able to incorporate more of my tactile
and visual learning modals while learning how to understand the Tarot cards.
There is also another major "Tactile" event occurring as well when you use these Journals. That is your daily life. This is a
major tactile part of your learning experience. With both Journals (Tarot Journal & Daily Spread) after you do your card
reading, your reading does not stop there. You must then observe the events that actually take place in your life and pay
attention to your feelings and then come back at a later point in time to that same reading and write about what actually
happened. In this fashion you will begin to start making rapid connections with the cards and how they play out in real life.
Are the Journals an all-in-one take home Tarot

No. They are designed to be used in tandem with any Tarot or
Oracle card deck. They may also be used with any On-Line or
Off-line Tarot class and books that teach you how to read

They are custom crafted for keeping casual and organized
records of Tarot and Oracle Card readings, while engaging all
of your major learning modals. They are the perfect Tarot &
Oracle Journaling Diaries for Card readers everywhere. With
Tarot and Oracle Journals you will never need to draw pesky
card "boxes" again when you write down what your card reading
is. All you will ever need to do, is peel, place & fill-in "Card
Stickers". They are fun and easy to use.

You will also never need to write your important card readings
on random sheets of paper again. You will have one neat and
organized place with all of your card readings and you will not be
limited by pre-drawn boxes either. The "Card Stickers" can be
placed anywhere and in any order you like.
What levels of Tarot study are the Journals for?

No levels and all levels. From Beginners to Professional card fans. Or simply use as the ultimate recreational card journals.

What is the Spiritual Purpose of the Journals?

To connect you with the most important person in your life . . . you . . .Through focused self-observation you will be able
to consciously see patterns. Once you see energies that were once hidden, you now have a choice to choose to do
something about them. You can not change something you don't know about. The more you write in and work in your
Journals, the more you will learn and see about yourself and your life. The Journals allow you to consciously start
"knowing" & "seeing" yourself in a 3D learning environment. Resolve your life issues inside these journals. They are a tool
to guide you as you free yourself from fear and learn to openly love by releasing old ways of being and old patterns. Only
you have the power to change you and create the life you want. Start consciously creating today.
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The Ideal Way to Record Tarot & Oracle Card Readings