Whether it is fine art to meditate by, custom journals, or print
products of many types; all have one major aspect in common, to
assist in internal connections on spiritual and physical learning
levels. It isAri's desire to regularly create a more accessible
connection with the spiritual world through the physical world
through tactile & visual learning tools for self-empowering, that
are a joy to use.

Ari seeks to create the feeling of a large extended family with like
minded souls who are seeking to strengthen their inner light. The
goal is to share love & light with the world through art, print,
learning, and self-help products. All geared to guide each soul
closer towards their destiny and the ultimate truth.

Ari Stone Art Productions

Ari Stone Art Productions is
privately owned by Alyssa
Montalbano (aka artist Ari Stone)
whose intentions are to regularly
create and develop unique, artistic,
educational and fun, self-help
products, to aid in whole brain self
learning. Ari Stone Art
Productions specializes in the
inclusion of the often left out visual
and tactile senses.
The Ideal Way to Record Tarot & Oracle Card Readings